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  • Scented Candle


    The Chesapeake Bay Candle mind & body collection Medium glass jar candle with lid is a fragrance filled journey into wellness for the mind & body. The combination of juicy tropical fruits, ripened peach, and delicious pear rises through the soul of this harmonious fragrance. Fresh petals of rose, Violet, waterlily, and cyclamen dance around watery greens and creamy coconut. Add a sense of balance to your interior and bring the outdoors in as sandalwood fuses with the green foliage and subtle Rosewood. Includes Essential oils of: orange oil. When finding time has become a luxury, one needs to Pause and look inward to redefine inner Peace and inspire others. Allow moments of Stillness and the simple pleasures of fragrance to take you on a journey for the mind and body. Just as ripples expand across the water of a pond, our flow of emotions fluctuates from core energy to absolute Stillness. Let Chesapeake Bay Candle take you on a sensory journey. . .

  • Scented Candle with Glass Candle Holder


    Heat Things UP:

    White parties aren’t only for the Hamptons and Miami socialites. Brighten up any space with the clean and elegant look of our White Signature jar. This memorable and iconic Volcano fragrance will entice you with its tropical citrus and yummy sugary notes. Reminiscent of your beach vacay this scent will transport you to a far off exotic place.

  • Sight kit with Button Switch for 0.177 to 0.54 Caliber Rifles Handgun Red Laser Sight


    —This laser bore sight is designed for sighting in your rifles and pistols.
    —There are 9 bore adapters, can be applied to all .177-.54 caliber rifles and pistols.
    — By projecting a laser beam from the center of the barrel axis of your firearm, this laser bore sight collimator allows you to instantly and accurately set your sight or scope.

  • Sliding Barn Door Floor Guide Wall Mounted Hardware for Flush Bottom Adjustable Stay Rollers

    • WIN SOON barn door track rollers have 8 variable adjustments, leaves a lot of size options.
    • The distance between the 2 small wheels are from zero up to 2-1/4 inch when using both the big roller wheel and the small cylindrical wheels; and up to 3 inch when using only the big wheel, up to 3-5/8 inch when using only the cylindrical wheels.
    • It’s easy to find the right solution for your project.
  • Smashed Burger Press


    Lock in the juicy flavors & create a caramelized crust with the Cuisinart Cast Iron smashed burger press! Place a loosely shaped ball of meat on your oiled skillet or griddle (you can add a little butter for that extra flavor), then use the heavy smashed burger press & Press down until you touch the cooking surface. The edge-lip of the burger press keeps all the flavorful juices locked into place. The patty will have a nice caramelized layer on the bottom, make sure you scrape under the patty prior to flipping it, to make sure you keep that crust in tack! Classic smashed burgers are topped with mayo & American cheese, but with this burger press you can make your own creations at home! Change up your normal burgers with the Cuisinart Cast Iron smashed burger press, the thinner patty will add a flavorful crust that will amaze your family & friends.

  • Soft Tape Measure Double Scale Body Sewing Flexible Ruler for Weight Loss Medical Body Measurement Sewing Tailor Craft Vinyl Ruler, Has Centimetre Scale on Reverse Side 60-inch(White)


    Soft Tape Measure Double Scale body sewing Flexible Ruler for Weight Loss Medical Body Measurement Sewing Tailor Craft Vinyl Ruler, Has Centimeter Scale on Reverse Side 60-inch(White)
    Material: flexible fiberglass
    Sizes: 60 inch / 150 cm
    Package: 1 pieces

    Easy to read, and easy to use. Very Durable.
    This tape measure set is also a wonderful addition to the baby shower gift basket, will allow mom to measure baby’s length in spite of all the wiggling that a baby is capable of.

  • Sports Ball Pump Kit


    Keep your sports balls inflated and ready to play with Franklin Sports’ Ball Pump Kit! Nothing is worse than a flat basketball or soccer ball when you’re ready to get the game started. But with this complete hand pump kit, you’ll have everything you need to keep your sports balls inflated for optimal play. This set comes complete with (1) 7.5″ hand pump, (3) inflation needles (1) flexible hose, (1) air pressure gauge, and (1) carry bag to make it easy to bring on the go. Don’t let your game fall flat. Bring home one of Franklin Sports’ Ball Pump Kits today and bring the bounce back!

  • Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set


    The center of each ring is the same size, allowing it to be stacked in any direction for frustration-free play.

    Explore big & small, sorting, sequencing, and building!

    The Stacks of Circles promote early STEM learning by teaching a child about:—Sorting—Size—Sequencing—Building—Weights—Different / Same.

    • 1. Straight post accepts different sized rings, strengthening hand-eye coordination.
    • 2. Chunky rings make it easy for baby to grasp, strengthening fine motor skills.
    • 3. Count to 8! Each ring is numbered for counting.
  • Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot with Temperature Control


    Bring guests together in a fun and stylish way to serve hors d’oeuvres, entrées and desserts. Make delectable cheese dips for bits of bread and fruit or try decadent chocolate dessert fondues. Creatively and communally dip fruits, pretzels, breads and more in a variety of fondue recipes. The color coded forks make it easy for guests to serve themselves. The unit features an adjustable temperature control, 6 color-coded fondue forks and support ring.

  • Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket


    STEAMING IS A HEALTHY & FAST WAY TO PREPARE MEALS. Thanks to this Stainless Steel Steamer Basket. It’s Ideal for making delicious meals and steaming food without losing nutrient.

    Weight: 0.66LB
    Packaging box: L 5.9″ x H 2.7″ x W 5.9″
    Steamer Basket Size: Collapsed Diameter is 5.1″ . Expandable to 9″
    Some benefits of this steamer basket include:
    – High quality food grade material .
    – Made of 18 panels can steam variety of foods.
    – Steam Foods preserves flavor and nutrients.
    – Collapsible design for easy compact storage.
    – Expands and adjusts to various pots, pans or pressure cooker.
    – REMOVABLE central handle for steaming of larger food.
    – 3 legs at the bottom keep food separate from the pot.
    – Lift it from the boiling water with a fork.
    – MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS : It can be used as container or candy plate.
    – EASY TO USE: Simply place the basket, feet side down.
    – Dishwasher safe making it easy and faster to clean.

    A great gift for women, men and everyone! Buy one as a gift for your family or friends! They will love perfectly steamed veggies!

  • Stemless Wine Glasses


    JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses:

    The JoyJolt spirits stemless wine Glasses JoyJolt’s newest, timelessly unique new glasses. With an elegant and luxuriously chic design, This JoyJolt Spirits shatter-resistant wine glasses add a touch of elegance to your barware collection, table setting or party. Holds up to 15 ounces of red or white wine or your favorite beverage. They are ideal for serving wines and cocktails for casual entertainment and are durable enough for everyday use.

    JoyJolt – buy with confidence!

    Your JoyJolt spirits stemless wine Glasses arrive as a set of 4 and holds (15 oz.) each. They are securely packed in a beautiful gift box and are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who enjoys fine drinkware.

  • String Trimmer


    The 20V MAX* 14-inch String Trimmer features an innovative folding hinge mechanism that reduces the length by 40%** for accessible storage and quick portability of the grass cutter. The QuickLoad Spool of the edge trimmer allows for fast and easy line replacement of 0.080-inch line with 14-inch swath. The variable-speed trigger offers precise power control, as well as performance and runtime management with the Hi/Lo speed-control switch.

  • Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine w/ Digital Monitor, Multi-Exercise Step Plates, 275 LB Max Weight and Foldable – SF-RW5622


    Keep your workouts fresh and new. The SF-RW5622 Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine will keep you excited and engaged. The dual function plates turn your traditional rower into an upper body strength machine that targets your arms, such as your biceps and shoulders. Circuit train or just row and build your cardiovascular while engaging your core and strengthening your back.

  • Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Power Rack, Power Cage


    The Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Rack SF-XF9931 will help you take your home gym workouts to the next level. Combining with our Sunny Health & Fitness bars & bumper plates, perform workouts to target & strengthen muscles across your body. The powder-coating, durability and utility are designed seamlessly into the power zone squat rack workout bench to fully support weight and power lifting workouts.

  • Telescopic Ladder, 8.5FT RIKADE Aluminum Telescoping Ladder with Non-Slip Feet



    For many years, RIKADE telescoping ladders have been rooted in the ladder industry, we know the importance of ladder safety, for customers in the process of application, which prompted us to constantly require safety first, responsible for the product, and each customer.

    This telescopic ladder high-strength aluminum alloy tube and reinforced large crossbeam load-bearing safer, rubber non-slip large foot cover non-slip and does not hurt the floor, with independent automatic lock mechanism.

    Safety and multifunctional ladder.

  • Tempered Glass Lid


    The Instant Pot tempered glass lid with steam vent and stainless steel rim and handle is designed for use with the Instant Pot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker. Ideal for when your cooker goes into the “Keep-Warm” mode and, when using the “Sauté” and “Slow Cook” programs. It may also be used in the oven with the inner cooking pot up to 428F (220C). This genuine Instant Pot lid makes it ideal for serving and is easy to clean.